Genesis is a full-service international IT-company. More than 1,500 people in five countries create products for more than 200 million unique monthly users. We are one of the largest partners of Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Apple in Eastern Europe. Our ecosystem consists of more than 15 companies and an investment fund.

Promova is an ecosystem of products and media for learning foreign languages. We are primarily a language learning app which has been installed on smartphones more than 6 million times, and our users have done more than 20 million language lessons with us.

One of the key products we are currently working on is a language learning platform for live online lessons with tutors. We offer individual and group lessons, conversation clubs, short-term personalised language consultancy and other types of lessons with a particular focus on tailoring the service to the learner's needs and goals. At Promova, we match learners to certified tutors from various parts of the world, which gives the learners exposure to various cultures and Englishes and makes lessons exciting for the tutors.

We are creating an educational platform which will help people learn English by offering lessons which are very individualised and flexible, and are easy to manage. Our marketing department will help us let the world know what we do and generate leads. You will set up the processes, build and manage a team which would work with those leads and ensure conversion into purchases.

Your work will focus on the following:

  • Management - Build a sustainable sales team with appropriate processes.
  • Business - Work out the sales strategy for the project and bear responsibility its effectiveness.
  • Product - Work closely with the other teams (marketing, engineering, product) to ensure growth and improvement of services.
  • Analysis and reporting - Analyse data, report and present regularly to the team.

About you:

  • Fluent and accurate spoken and written English — at least C1 in order to communicate effectively
  • Excellent sales skills (ability to write, analyze and refine scripts, ability to analyze the data and communicate it to the product and marketing)
  • Management skills relevant to B2C sales - deep understanding of systems and processes involved in sales, ability to set up, monitor and refine processes
  • Analytical skills - ability to analyze the data, present it to the team, suggest and implement ideas for improvement
  • People management skills - planning, goal setting, KPIs, team management etc.
  • Active listening - the candidate will be able to listen carefully to clients, identify their needs and communicate them to the teacher and the product department
  • Attention to detail and ability to prioritize - you will work with a lot of data to analyze it, prepare reports and prioritize / make decisions based on this data
  • High level of organization - you will have a lot of tasks at hand and need to be very well-organized in order to stay on top of all of them
  • Excellent communication skills - you will be the face of our product, the first person our new students communicate with, so we expect you to be an excellent communicator who is interesting, inspirational and can engage the interlocutor
  • Team building & People management - you will have to build, manage and maintain a team of sales and ensure their effective performance

What do we offer?

  • Professional team, pleasant and supportive working environment (e.g. our CEO is on the top 30 under 30 2021 list, your line manager has worked for Cambridge for 10 years etc.)
  • Flexible working schedule and a possibility to work from anywhere in Europe
  • Regular feedback on work and opportunities for career progression (most of our leads joined the team as junior specialists and have grown to leads very quickly)
  • Access to a solid knowledge base in various areas and the opportunity to develop your professional skills (e.g. Soft Skills School, Leadership School, Management School, Communities)
  • Funding for training from leading organisations
  • Health insurance
  • Funding for language training

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