NUR.KZ is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer who will technically drive our front-end team to provide the best possible solutions.

NUR.KZ is the first project of the Genesis holding and the most popular news and entertainment portal in Kazakhstan with more than 10 million unique users. Every third person in a country uses our products. Not only have we been maintaining high standards for 14 years, but we are constantly improving and reaching an increasingly large audience. We are awarded as the best independent mass media in Kazakhstan for 9 years in a row and we are among the TOP-3 Internet editions of the country.

Our mission is to make an impact through the influence of our content and excellence of our products. At the moment, more than 70 strong specialists work hard on our mission.

Our values

– a team that burns with a common goal, has a common vision and values;

– deep knowledge and skills regarding the speed of the site and services, optimal use of resources, telemetry of services (metrics and logging);

– we do not limit ourselves to a specific technologies, we try new ones if it’s necessary, because technologies are just an instrument for us;

– we are running a marathon, not a sprint. That is why we work for quality, not for deadlines.

You should apply if you:

– have commercial Front-End experience for 6-7 years;

– have commercial experience with ReactJS for 4 recent years;

– know and use Core Web Vitals;

– have experience with Web APIs, such as Permissions, Notifications, IntersectionObserver, Fetch, History, HTML DOM, Service Workers;

– know how browsers work and use this knowledge to provide the best UX possible.

Knowledge of possible attack vectors on the client part of the web applications and commercial experience in Server-Side Rendering with Next.js will be a great plus.

We expect that you will:

– build processes inside the front-end team, because we like to build processes bottom-up, not top-down;

– mentor our front-end team of 2 middle-leveled specialist and grow the team’s and your own technical expertise, because we are interested in a very strong team and long-term collaboration;

– reasonably choose technologies for new web services to ensure stability, security, scalability and maintainability of the new and existing web applications, because we encourage data-driven approach, thus you will have access to all available analytical data and our Data Analyst;

– influence the product roadmap and implement your own ideas, because we encourage initiatives.

We, in our turn, will:

– teach you to manage your team effectively thanks to our internal Management School;

– give you constant feedback and help you to improve your skills;

– provide you with all resources that you need to do your job effectively;

– give your team autonomy, because we hate micromanagement and bureaucracy;

– help you to build high standards of processes and technical solutions and maintain them.

Stages of hiring

– Primary screening. The recruiter asks several questions (phone call or Google Meet) to get an impression of your experience and skills before the interview.

– Interview. A comprehensive conversation with your future manager, CTO and HR BP about your professional competencies and the team you are applying to.

– Job offer. In case of a successful interview you’ll get a job offer. Otherwise, you’ll get feedback within 1-2 days.

About Genesis

Genesis, No. 1 employer according to DOU, is a Ukrainian co-founding company that builds global tech businesses together with outstanding entrepreneurs from CEE. The Genesis business ecosystem includes more than 25 projects that work in 4 areas — mobile applications, online media, classifieds, and R&D. Our applications have been downloaded by more than 300 million users worldwide, with the company’s main markets being the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Corporate benefits

сareful onboarding;

– the ability to work remotely or in the office, flexible working hours;

– competitive salary;

– full coverage of professional training (courses, meetups, certifications);

– performance review twice a year;

– health insurance and corporate doctor;

– 20 days of paid vacation, not limited paid sick leaves;

– free breakfast and lunches in the office;

– sports compensation;

– Apple equipment.

Support Ukraine

Genesis condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine and helps our country on the economic, information and cyber fronts. At the beginning of the full-scale war, we founded the Genesis for Ukraine corporate charity fund. In addition, we constantly donate to the Armed Forces, moreover several applications created in the Genesis ecosystem became free for Ukrainians. Read more about our opposition here and here.