OBRIO is an IT company with Ukrainian roots inside Genesis business ecosystem. Our team consists of more than 120 talented professionals whose ambitions and striving for success help us build the best products on the market. We have offices in Kyiv and Warsaw.

We are developing Nebula – the biggest brand in the spiritual niche. Nebula has over 45 million users worldwide and has been ranked as the № 1 lifestyle app of the day in the Apple Store and Play Market in the USA, Canada, and Australia several times. Nebula is available on iOS, Android, and Web.

Our mission is to make people happier by improving the quality of their relationships.

Here are some details we would like to share with you:

  • Nebula is #1 in its niche in terms of downloads and revenue targets;
  • 45 million users worldwide;
  • Users from 50+ countries;
  • 4.8 - our average AppStore rating (with more than 215 thousand ratings).

We are seeking a proactive Data Analyst to join our Operations Team. In this role, you will collaborate closely with the Customer Success department, analyzing premium user behavior and generating hypotheses to improve retention and engagement. You will also inform the team about potential user churn.

Additionally, you will work with the support department to set up, monitor, and alert on billing and risk-related issues. You will analyze the performance of individual agents and the team as a whole, generating and implementing strategies to enhance the quality of the team's work, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Our analytics team comprises 10 analysts and an Analytics Team Lead within the product team. Curious about the day-to-day responsibilities of a Data Analyst at OBRIO and the growth opportunities within the company? Click the link to gain insights from Zhenya, our Analytics Team Lead at OBRIO, who is shedding light on these topics and more on the DOU podcast.

Your impact:

  • Actively participate in planning and estimating analytics activities;
  • Collaborate closely with the Analytics and Operations teams to collect and analyze data for informed decision-making;
  • Maintain and update operations dashboards;
  • Develop hypotheses based on data insights.

    About you:

    • Proficiency in SQL with advanced capabilities in data extraction and manipulation, along with a track record of optimizing queries to enhance performance;
    • Expertise in statistics, with the ability to apply statistical methods to convert data into actionable insights;
    • Proficiency in Tableau or a similar tool, with experience in crafting interactive dashboards and overseeing data sourcing;
    • Commercial experience in the field;
    • Intermediate level of English proficiency and higher;
    • Effective communication skills with a proactive and open approach to new challenges.


    • Strong command of Python, particularly with pandas, for proficient data analysis, processing, visualization, and automation tasks.

    Why OBRIO is the best place to work?

      • 💪🏼 With us, you'll have the opportunity to directly influence business decisions and see the results of your work.
      • 🚀 Gain valuable expertise by working with transactional monetization model.
      • 📌 We focus on effective communication and teamwork without unnecessary formalities. You can solve any issue quickly, without multi-level approval.
      • 🍏 Innovate and Be Creative: We embrace innovation and creativity at OBRIO, and we encourage our team members to bring their unique ideas to the table. You'll have the chance to explore new solutions and make a real impact on our company's success.
      • ☝️ At OBRIO, we’ve gathered influential experts, all of whom are open to sharing their knowledge and ready to help solve issues based on their experience. Moreover, you will be a part of Genesis Analytics Community with tremendous expertise in the field.

      Our benefits:

      • Benefit from the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world;
      • Work from the comfort of your home or from one of our offices in Kyiv or Warsaw. The choice is yours!
      • Enjoy 20 annual vacation days and unlimited sick leave, all covered by the company;
      • Don't worry about getting the right equipment, we've got you covered if necessary;
      • Stay healthy with access to a corporate doctor online, and health insurance options in Ukraine or a fixed amount towards insurance abroad after your probation period;
      • Keep learning with our extensive corporate library, internal online meetings, and lectures;
      • Grow your skills with our training compensation program;
      • Take advantage of our supportive corporate culture, including assistance with relocation, advice on legal stay abroad, housing support, and help for third-country nationals;
      • Have fun with our online/offline events and team-building activities!

      Here's what our hiring journey for this position looks like: Initial Screening ➡️ Team Interview ➡️ Skill Assessment ➡️ Final Check ➡️ Job Offer.

      Let's team up and reach for the stars together!

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